About Us

Our New Quality Policy

Our aim is to offer products that will meet the needs and expectations of the consumers, and thereby become a world brand.

As executives and workers of our company, we believe that we can reach our aim together with our producers and suppliers, while, at the same time, increasing our profits and efficiency through adopting the idea of total quality management.

As Sadaf, we would like to continue to exist as a company that abides by the established law and ethics through an approach that is engaged in production while respecting the environment, supporting the protection of the consumer as well as raising the consciousness of the customer within the framework of a style of management that produces value for the shareholders and society as a whole.

Our New Vision

As a leader in the ethnic food sector; having adopted a management system which focuses on the customer and internalized the ideal of total quality production as well as constantly upgrading its technology, becoming a "World Brand" with its variety of products and its widespread export network of "Mega Food Brand" has been adopted by Sadaf as its new vision.

Our Distributors

Soofer Company has Distributors in Canada as follows:

    857 3RD ST W
    Tel: (604) 960-1220
    Fax: (604) 960-1227
    54 Audia court #3
    Concord, ON, L4K 3N4
    Tel: (416) 498-8080
    Fax: (905) 532-9952

Human Resources

You can make your employment application by clicking the link below.

Employment Application Form

Our Values:

  • People are our most important resource.
  • We give our employees the opportunity to improve both themselves and their work.
  • We adopt a policy of continuous training and development.
  • Management Participation is our principle.
  • We welcome comments from our personnel.
  • We are like a family where our employees are concerned.

Ways in which you can apply.

You can apply to our company in numerous ways. You can send application letters and Resume through our application channels.

When your application reaches our human resources department selection begins. Your application will be examined and evaluated under the existing condition. If your application is suitable with the requirements of the position you are applying for, you will be invited to an interview. Your Resume are kept in our database for one year and are continuously open to evaluation.

Application channels

You can send your applications to us via the following methods:

Mailing Address:

2828 S. Alameda Street.
Los Angeles, Ca 90058
Fax : (323) 234-2447

Email : Resume@Sadaf.com
Or fill the Application Form that can be found at www.sadaffoods.com

Training and improvement

To assist the company reach its targets enabling the continuity of its success and increase the satisfaction of its employees; a continuous and dispersed training and improvement program will be applied. Within these programs internal and outsource training, seminars, meetings, fairs, introductions are being realized.

In this aspect, the training programs are devoted to the following areas:

*Orientation and hands-on training; to provide the corporation adaptation, *Functional training; to make employees develop their knowledge and skills related to their jobs, and increase their technical competence, *Managerial training; to improve their managerial skills and train the future managers, *Personal improvement training; for personal improvement.

We are aiming to provide every possible opportunity for our employees to make them success oriented and also make them individuals, learning their own value and the value of the job they are doing. In parallel to this target they are assisted in recognizing their knowledge and skills, their requirement to improve is determined together with the opportunities to meet such requirements with suitable training and improvement programs.

Contact Us

Head Office

Address: 2828 S. Alameda Street.
Los Angeles, Ca 90058
Tel: (323) 234-6666
Fax: (323) 234-2447
Email: info@sadaf.com

Shopping Guide

Shopping is a sensitive subject. We would like to present some information to our esteemed consumers about the important issues of shopping.

  • Make a market survey before deciding on a product or service. Decide what you want and determine the products and services you require most. Always obtain a receipt or invoice for your shopping.
  • Do not buy products without labels.
  • Look for expiry date especially for food, drug and cosmetic products.
  • Never give private information about yourself or your family to door-to-door salesmen.
  • Use frozen foods just after they are thawed; never re-freeze.
  • Do not buy canned foods where the can is blown or the lid has risen above its normal level.
  • Look for periodical discount leaflets of hypermarkets before shopping.
  • Do not be deceived by the size of the packages, look at their weights in once or gram.
  • Do not use products without carefully reading the instructions on them.

Credit application

History Sadaf

Within more than 27 years, Sadaf has become a powerful establishment in the food sector. Sadaf was established in 1982.

Sadaf owns a product range of more than 1200 items, which can be grouped as spices, tea, canned vegetables, ready-to-serve dishes, pickles, honey, jams, olives, sauces and powdered products.

The vision of Sadaf is to become a "world - brand". To reach this aim, Sadaf increases its market share and improves its technology. Within this scope and by keeping the consumers' satisfaction.

  • %50 of Sadaf products are being Distributed by our distribution in California.
  • %10 of Sadaf products are being exported to many countries worldwide.
  • %40 of Sadaf products are being exported to Other State.

Delivery Rules

All prices are FOB at 2828 south Alemeda Los Angeles.

Pick-up:All pick-up and WILL CALL orders will receive a 1% discount off total invoice (from book price.) There is $100 MINIMUM for pick-up and WILL CALL orders.
South California:FREE DELIVERY on orders over $500.00 within the following counties in Southern California: L.A. County, Orange County, San Diego County, Imperial County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and Ventura County. (Not Applicable to Distributors)
North California:We Charge a Flat Fee of $80 per Pallet within the following counties in North California: Fresno, San Benito, Monterey, Santa Clara, Sacramento, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco and San Mateo. (Not Applicable to Distributors)
Outside California:Sadaf Foods is currently shipping to other states and countries out of its delivery area with the same prices. For more information about freight cost, please contact us at (323)234-6666 ext. 106 or 120