What is the Wholesale Marketplace?

The Wholesale Marketplace allows qualified customers to purchase full cases of product at discounted wholesale prices.

To participate, you must fill out an application. Once approved, you will use a secure Login and Password to access your account and view all your account and ordering information and history of the Invoices and Orders and much more...

Who Can Participate?

Wholesale accounts are available to qualified retail merchants, distributors, restaurants and food service organizations that have a physical retail outlet or manufacturing facility. Flea markets, Website only sales, home-based businesses, and MLM programs will not be considered.

A valid Sales Tax Permit is required.

Why Should You Join?

Quality. Sadaffoods carries nothing but the freshest, highest-quality products available.

Convenience. With thousands of products to choose from, our wide selection can save you time and money by eliminating the need to deal with multiple vendors. We are excited that many of our customers have made Sadaffoods their primary supplier, and you can access your account and place an order 24 hours a day.

Lower Product Cost. We know that your time is valuable. Spend less time ordering, accounting, and processing. The time you'll save (together with your substantial wholesale discount) will significantly lower your product cost.

Terms & Conditions

Your Sales Tax Permit must be on file before your account will be approved. Fax or email a copy of your permit to: (323) 324-2447or order@sadaffoods.com.

A resale permit copy is a customary request and grants you the privilege of obtaining goods at wholesale prices without paying sales tax on them, and depending on your state, is usually obtainable through your State Board of Equalization, or call your County Clerk for details.